Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Superhero project!

Alright everyone, so we've got a new project and everyone can get involved.. ok. so here's what we've got:

Stephen Lynch, who is an amaaaaazing singing stand up comedian has a song that goes something like this: 

If I could be a Superhero
I would be Awesome Man.
I'd fly around the world fighting crime
According to my Awesome Plan.
And if I saw criminals trying to lie,
Hurting other people and making them cry
I'd haul them off to jail in my Awesome Van.
Because I would be Awesome Man

If you want to hear it as well go to the link below.

right. so thats an idea for the project
now, we've got our own superhero...... his name is Shopper Man, and this is his little poem...

If I could make up a Superhero
It would be Shopper man
He’d walk around with all the women
To find Gucci bags from Japan
And if my girlfriend asked me to shop
I’d call Shopper man to shop till she drops
I wouldn’t have to kill her with a frying pan
Because I would have Shopper Man

Sooooooooooooo, want your own??? Tell us your own version of a superhero following the guidelines below.

Superhero name:
Superhero power:
When this superhero would be needed:

Post your descriptions on our One and a Half page!!!!!!!

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