Sunday, 7 August 2011

Home alone

Social networking can be a good means for business, marketing and communication. I accept and embrace this. What i don't understand is the public logging and posting of everyday routine and actions, your whereabouts, and your interactions. I find posts like "Jo is having burgers with Bill, while they're playing footsie at McDonald's Soho, London" or "Just got my payslip and will be walking to the bank in half an hour to deposit it", incredibly stupid. Got no problem with Jo and Bill and their footsie, or that you got your payslip - unless you owe me money - but who the f**k cares?? Maybe robbers, rapists and killers.. that's who! So maybe you'll get a few likes from a few no-lifers that you probably interact with them only through FB or Tweeter. Or maybe your friend who is sitting right next to you and that's even more annoying, since he's freaking sitting RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! 

It's recommended to think before you speak... well.. it was recommended.. now people don't really talk so that's not an issue.  So now its probably best to say: THINK BEFORE YOU POST!

Some of these examples might be extreme, but I've seen similar in the past and I'm sure you have too.

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